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Physiotherapists take virtual 'hands-on' approach to treatment during COVID-19 pandemic

Continued access to care is important for a patient’s successful recovery, and Pro Physio’s Virtual Care services allow our team to provide treatment while in-person visits are unavailable. Paul Colebrook, Clinic Director and Physiotherapist at our Riverside Court location, recently spoke with CTV News Ottawa about his experiences providing physiotherapy services through Virtual Care!

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Concussions: Involving physiotherapy and nutrition care in healing for the best patient outcomes – Featuring Hélène Charlebois and Mark Antonious

Hélène Charlebois, Registered Dietitian, and Mark Antonious, Physiotherapist, bring their knowledge and expertise to CTV Ottawa to discuss how physiotherapy and nutrition care are integral to healing from a concussion.

Mark shares how physiotherapy helps with concussion rehabilitation; training the body’s balance and regulatory systems to improve coordination and blood pressure, as well as treating the musculoskeletal system to restore function.

Hélène discusses the importance of nutrition during concussion recovery to ensure that muscles are supported, brain health is encouraged, inflammation is relieved, and energy levels are appropriate.

Watch their conversation on CTV Ottawa here:

Both of these health care professionals practice out of Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Capital Sport – A division of Lifemark.

Secret of Success of success from Canada’s Top Media Dietitian's – Featuring Hélène Charlebois

Helene Charlebois discussing secret of success

Hélène Charlebois brings her expertise as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Health Coach, and Nutrition Communications expert to Pro Physio’s Capital Sport Clinic. Hélène has over 25 years of experience in helping people improve their health, providing educational sessions across the country, and owns HC Nutrition, based out of Pro Physio & Sports Medicine Centres Capital Sport.

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