Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres: The largest provider of physiotherapy and rehabilitation
services in the Ottawa region, with 30 physiotherapist-­owned facilities.


Sport Medicine Doctors

Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres is very happy to work in collaboration with many local physicians. At certain clinics, strategically located in the east, south and west of the city, we are pleased to offer access to Sport Medicine Physicians, Orthopedic Surgeons, Family Physicians, and Physiatrists. This service is OHIP covered and the physicians work closely with the physiotherapists to provide a well-rounded rehabilitation approach to health care.

In addition, the Sport Physiotherapy Diploma Mentorship Program is offered to physiotherapists working towards their Sport Physiotherapy Exams, and requiring mentorship hours and onsite sport coverage hours.


At our Sport Medicine Centres, our team of Physiotherapists (PT), Athletic Therapists (AT), Sports Physicians, Massage Therapists (MT) and Kinesiologists (KIN) work as a team to provide optimal assessments and treatments for our patients. Our centres are recognized as an official service provider to the Canadian Sport Centre (CSC) Ontario.

Ray Friel

1585 Tenth Line Rd.
Doctors: 613-837-7454
Physio: 613-837-7405


1385 Woodroffe Ave
Sport Doctor: 613-798-7277
Physio: 613-518-0016

Ottawa Sport

1370 Clyde Ave.
Doctors: 613-727-2745
Physio: 613-727-2621


2671 Concession Road
Sport Doctor: 613-656-1400
Physio: 613-656-1400

Pro Physio Plus

3570 Strandherd Dr.
Doctors: 613-823-4991
Physio: 613-823-4993

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services


Our active "hands-on" approach has proven to be effective in accelerating recovery from injury as well as providing a personalized level of service. Manual techniques include joint mobilization, manipulation, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretches, Muscle Energy, soft tissue release, and Active Release Techniques. Coupled with exercise prescription and modalities such as contrast therapy, electrotherapy and ultrasound, manual therapy is an integral component of the rehabilitation process.


Active Release Therapy is a hands-on case management system that allows a practitioner to diagnose and treat soft-tissue injuries. Specific injuries that apply are repetitive strains, adhesions, tissue hypoxia, and joint dysfunction.


Myofascial release is a highly interactive stretching technique that requires feedback from the patient's body to determine the direction, force and duration of the stretch and to determine the direction, force and duration of the stretch and to facilitate maximum relaxation of the tight or restricted areas. When using myofascial release techniques, the therapist monitors tissue tightness by developing a kinesthetic link with the patient through touch. This results in the patient achieving the most efficient movement patterns that the patient's body can maintain with the least amount of effort.


Acupuncture is a therapeutic method used to encourage natural healing, reduce or relieve pain and improve function of affected areas of the body. Acupuncture is very effective in treating a variety of painful disorders, both acute and chronic:

  • • Neurological and muscular disorders
  • • Neck and back pain
  • • Neuralgia, frozen shoulders
  • • Tennis elbow, tendonitis
  • • Sciatica and arthritis

Massage therapy is a form of soft tissue manipulation performed by a registered massage therapist.
Benefits of massage therapy include:

  • Improves the healing of strained muscles, sprained ligaments, spasms, pain, swelling, and reduces the formation of scar tissue
  • Increases joint flexibility and range of motion
  • Relaxes nervous system and reduces stress

Our certified kinesiologists work along with the therapists to establish personalized exercise programs specific to the patient's condition. Rehabilitation programs include strengthening, stretching, proprioceptive, and core stability exercises. Kinesiologists also perform:

  • Functional abilities assessments
  • Ergonomic workstation evaluation
  • Sport specific one-on-one personalized
  • Training programs
  • Extracorporeal shock wave therapy

Pneumatically generated acoustic pulses (shock waves) are introduced into the body over a large surface area by means of a freely moved applicator. ESWT sessions provide successful relief of chronic pain to restore painless mobility.


Custom orthotics and biomechanical analysis for:

  • Foot alignment
  • Correct improper posture
  • Sports/running injuries
  • Footwear advice and education

We offer a range of custom and generic knee braces to suit your sporting needs.

Ottawa Sport Event Coverage

We have a team of therapists with First Responder, CPR and First Aid certification available for team and event coverage around the Ottawa area. Our therapist provide seasonal coverage to local teams. Two weeks advance notice is recommended.


We will go to your facility or welcome you at our centre to educate you on:

  • • Workplace posture and ergonomics
  • • Sport-specific scapular stabilization and core stability training
  • • Sleep consultant program


Our team of physicians have special training and the Diploma in Sport Medicine from CASM. Orthopedic Surgeons offer specialty services in our centre by referral from our sports physicians. Our team works with several amateur, professional, national, and Olympic teams.