What Our Clients Are Saying

  • I have never done physiotherapy virtually and since we have begun using Lifemark Health Group with Pro Physio, I have been able to get help in doing my exercises properly! Chris has been amazing every step of the way and he has always made his clients feel as though we are one bif family. Everything has been easy to use and I would recommend this software and this physiotherapy centre as the staff are so welcoming and professional!

    Laura Fuentes

  • I have been going to Greenbank Physio since Jan 2020 for a MTV. I met Kalpesh Jadav - He takes the time to show/explain and demonstrate the strengthening exercises. In these times covid-19 he reached out to introduce me virtual skype physio. ABSOLUTELY love this. The sessions are detailed and followed up with sheets to continue at home. I kid you not, this is a MUST try if you are dealing with pain. He has provided such great tips for home work station. I actually perfer this the hustle and bustle of finding parking and you get 100% more one on one with the physiotherapist. I give this an absolute 5 start rating. It truly is a must try for everyone.

    Lise Chabot

  • My experience using the Lifemark application for virtual /telemedicine physiotherapy sessions with Carla Selwan has been overall a very positive one. Given the options under the self isolation in our current circumstances, I am grateful to have the ability to continue my rehabilitation post-operatively under the guidance and expertise of Carla safely and reliably. I would highly recommend the use of Lifemark in spite of some relatively minor glitches.

    Ana Bjermeland

  • When I was first offered the virtual physio therapy sessions, I was a bit hesitant. I didn't really know what to expect. Normally I would never enroll into an online session for physio, you need the therapist with you to guide you through the exercises and they need to be able touch the area requiring healing. I have to say I could not be more wrong! The virtual sessions are fantastic! They are quick, Carla is able to demonstrate exercises, and provide guidance, on how to perform the stretches and exercises clearly. What's even more amazing is that she can tell if I am doing something in an improper manner and caution me so that I don't injure myself further. I'm extremely pleased with the sessions and I am much farther ahead in my recovery and strength.

    Adnan Chaudhari

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